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Testimonial from Elyse

I’ve just completed my second challenge with Claire, I wanted to do a second one as I saw such great results with the first one and I love doing weights that I just wanted to keep going! I absolutely loved the 12 week challenge. I’m not so much a fan of Cardio as I am weights so this program was perfect for me, and only two nights a week! I improved my diet with the help of Claire too and ended up losing many cm’s off around my waist, hips and shoulders especially! I feel so Much better, more energy, more motivated, I can fit back into my old denim shorts I used to love! And bonus is it’s enjoyable! I would just keep going with these challenges for ever if I could! And it’s also very satisfying seeing your before and after pics at the end and lifting heavier weights each week makes me feel pretty proud. Thanks Claire! 🙌🏼


Caroline's Testimonial


I started with Claire in about October 2015. Not only have I been doing her classes but I also did a 12 week transformation program. I was really happy and my fitness and strength improved tenfold. The group classes are amazing, I never once felt self-conscious and my kids just love it. Claire is tough on us but kind at the same time. Being a mum too she really gets it.

– Caroline


Testimonial from Rachel

The personal program Claire designed for me was amazing. She listened to my needs and created and implemented a wonderful training regime that targeted the areas that had been a burden to me for far too long.
Not only did my physical health improve but also my mental state. Claire’s encouragement and support helped move the grey clouds that hung over my fitness. As the centimetres fell off so did the negativity of “I can’t do it”, Claire helped me realise that I can and I will. Anyone can have a trainer in their lives but I have been blessed to have Claire in mine.

– Rachel

Testimonial from Kirstin


When l did my transformation challenge with Claire it gave me so much more energy and made me feel stronger each week, as l lost weight every week and cm off my body.
I think her detailed food guide really helped me understand when and what l should be eating.
Claire’s patience and motivation was just what l needed. Now with group training it helps maintain my weight and gives me energy every week, l can bring my son along too in a relaxed and friendly environment. Highly recommend Claire.

– Kirstin